About Me

Professional Data

After graduating from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, Sandra Vračan began her professional career in the judiciary as a court trainee, and passed the bar exam in 2006. Prior to the opening of her own law office, she gained extensive practical legal experience at all levels of social functioning. At the same time, she pursued a scientific career at the postgraduate studies of criminal law in Zagreb, where she passed exams with excellent grades.

As an expert advisor at the Zagreb Family Center, she has been providing advice and expertise for years in the areas of family, labour, administrative and enforcement law.

She has gained an insight into the legal functioning of local and regional self-government units in the Mayor’s Office (Zagreb) in the Sector for the Promotion of Human Rights, Civil Society and National Minorities, where she performed activities related to the promotion of human rights in the areas of gender equality, combating all forms of discrimination, the rights of national minorities, religious rights and freedoms, the rights of sexual and gender minorities as well as the coordination and harmonization of the work of city administrative bodies in this area. In what was then the single City Office for Education, Culture and Sports in Zagreb, she performed complex legal tasks related to the implementation of the city’s programme of public needs in culture, drafting of contracts concerning donations to the City of Zagreb, performing legal tasks related to the establishment, appointment and operation of cultural councils as well as legal affairs concerning the conclusion and implementation of the Collective agreement for employees of cultural institutions of the City of Zagreb.                   

As an expert advisor in the Ministry of Justice in the Department for Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters with EU Member States, she participated in the drafting of laws and bylaws in the field of judicial cooperation in criminal matters with EU Member States, performed tasks linked to the enforcement instruments in the area of judicial cooperation in criminal matters with EU Member States as well as provided support to the European Judicial Network in criminal matters and to the national liaison prosecutor posted by Eurojust.

At the Postgraduate Study of Criminal Law in 2007, she defended her master’s thesis (topic: Non-Extradition of Persons Based on the Political Offence Exception), and obtained an academic degree of PhD in Criminal Law (Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Victimology and Criminology) in 2012 (topic: Legal Protection against Domestic Violence: International Law, Comparative Law and Positive Law Aspects).

Foreign Languages

She is a court interpreter for the German language.

She also actively uses business and legal English language, and uses it without difficulty in writing and everyday work. This knowledge is also confirmed by a relevant certificate (level C2).